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Manhood is Okay Again
October 17, 2001

Have you noticed that it’s okay to be a man, again? Since the terrorist attack on September 11 men are applauded for doing what men do. Firefighters are praised for hauling around heavy equipment and entering smoke filled rooms. Cops are thanked for putting the clamp on evil doers. I don’t think anybody would be offended if a man decided he didn’t want to eat quiche or get in touch with his feminine side. It’s now a good think to be masculine . . . to be tough.

I think we need to realize that spiritual toughness is also a valuable masculine trait. I don’t mean harshness, abrasiveness, or insensitivity. I mean the kind of spiritual strength and stamina that enable a man to do what’s right when tempted, to persevere when hurting, to love when rejected, and to trust God when confused. Paul said we’re to be like a boxer who buffets his body to get it in shape and bring it under control (1 Corinthians 9:27).

Developing spiritual toughness is something that takes place one day at a time. It happens as God’s grace works in our lives when we pray, read his word, love our families and seek to maintain sexual purity. I have no idea where the war on terror is headed. Nobody does. But I do know that just as our nation must stand tough, so must those of us who follow Jesus. Take a moment right now, and pray for two other men you know who are follower of Jesus. Ask God to give them the grace they need to be spiritually tough today and the remainder of the week.

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